Test Driven Development - programming with tests already written

Test Driven Development

Technical excellence, good quality code, is key to achieving agility and success in the digital age. I partner with selected associates to offer a few technical training courses, mainly Test Driven Development (TDD), which complement my consultancy and other agile software training.

Test driven development and refactoring

TDD: the practice of writing automated unit tests before writing any production code.

These tests both help guide the development of the software and provide an ensuring test suit for the future. In one study of TDD a team at Microsoft reported a 91% reduction in defects.

Refactoring is the process of improving the design of existing code after it has been written. Like TDD refactoring is a key technical agile practice. However, unless programmers are skilled in TDD and have developed a suit of automated unit tests then refactoring can be high risk. Once these two prerequisites are in place then refactoring is safe and quickly pays back.

All our TDD courses cover refactoring in addition to automated unit testing. An additional day is available for each course to help your team apply TDD to your production code base. Further TDD coaching days are available upon request.

Courses are typically held in private on client site for teams. For larger classes two instructors may be necessary to ensure all students receive individual attention.

We have provided hardware and alternative locations when necessary.

If you don’t see your preferred language listed please call, we are happy to provide similar training courses like TDD in Python and TDD in JavaScript.


To find out more about this course and delivery options pricing e-mail contact@allankellyassociates.co.uk or complete the contact form.

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