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On-line agile coaching & training

Now booking: Adding Value to User Stories – starts Wednesday 10 June – 4 x 90 minute sessions over 4 weeks

For distributed and remote teams and individuals I now offer a selection of services and training workshops online.

Contact me direct if you would like to learn more about any of these services: – or complete the contact form.

Now booking on EventBrite, sessions start Wednesday May 13, 2020.

Improving with Agile

Improving with Agile: Using the agile tool-kit to make software teams better

Based on the well established 2-day Agile Software training this interactive tutorial combined exercises, discussion and lecture material.

The workshop has been updated and refactored as 4 half-day workshops delivered over Zoom (or your preferred alternative). The emphasis is on using agile techniques to improve existing teams either by enhancing existing agile practices or introducing agile for the first time.

Stories and Value

An examination of user stories and business value

Based on the Requirements, Backlogs and User Stories 1-day workshop this on-line tutorial emphasises the delivery of business value with user stories.

On-line this workshop is delivered as 4 consecutive sessions of 90 minutes each.

Session 1 challenges participants to re-examine the role of value in deciding what work to do, how effort estimates are created and solutions created. On-line breakout groups are used to similar the initiation of a project then lessons are drawn from the different approaches proposed by teams.

Session 2 offers an in-depth look at User Stories through the examination of real stories from real teams. Lessons are drawn from these stories and particpants asked to apply these lessons to their own stories.

In session 3 participants are taught how to estimate user story value and how to use value in prioritisation.

Finally, session 4 present cost-of-delay and discusses how later deliveries effect value and how this can be factored into prioritisation decisions. Session 4 seeks to weave the topics discussed in all sessions so that participants can improve their day to day work.

On-line Agile coaching & advice

For Product Owners, Managers and Teams

On-line technology allows individual managers and product owners to receive one-on-one agile coaching and advice by the hour. Previously these sessions were only available to clients booking several days – or months – at a time.

Sessions are booked in blocks of five 1-hour sessions and are delivered on an agreed schedule over several weeks over video conference. The first session is offered on a no obligation basis allowing clients to “try before they buy.


Contact me direct if you would like to learn more about any of these services: – or complete the contact form.