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Fresh ideas workshops

Short workshops: 2 to 3 hours at your location

What some people might call Thought Leadership. My aim here is to introduce new thinking – or at least refresh your thinking.

These are short workshops – 2 to 3 hours – which expand on a particular idea or set of ideas. They are typically delivered as a pre-conference workshop or with a team onsite.

These workshops are ideal for teams looking to rethink their work and improve performance.

Contact me direct if you are interested in any of these short workshops:

Value and the story

Pile of dollarsEveryone says we should put business value on a story but who does? Indeed, how do you assign value to different stories? And how should you think when you see the value of each story? – surely there is more to it than just doing the highest value first? Or the one with the biggest bang for the buck.

In this short workshop participants will, mostly through interactive exercises:

  • learn how value changes effort and cost estimates
  • collectively assign and agree value to stories
  • understand what cost of delay is and how it changes prioritisation

Better User Stories

“What makes for a good user story?”

“How much detail should I put in a user story?”

User stories are the preferred requirements technique of agile teams. The ideas behind user stories are simple and easy to understand but people get wrapped in knots. This short workshop seeks to unravel those knots and create a shared understanding of what user stories are and what needs to be said.

Using a mixture of presentation and interactive exercises participants will learn: user story format, what makes a good user story, pitfalls of user stories and how to work with weak and poor stories.

Attendees are encouraged to bring their own stories to the workshop for discussion.

Continuous digital

Continuous flow, continuous improvement, continuous delivery, and maybe, continuous value?

Continuous digital is a new model of working which matches the way twenty-first century businesses work with technology. Continuous digital represents the evolution of the #NoProjects critique into a working model.

In this workshop attendees learn why a continuous model is needed for digital business, why agile is not enough to unlock the full benefits of digital, how minimally viable teams support a build-measure-learn approach to new work, why governance and portfolio management have renewed importance and how to organise management in the age of empowered self-organizing teams.

Continuous Digital book coverThis short workshop covers the key ideas in the book Continuous Digital.

Strategic capacity planning

Or, long term planning without estimates

Even if those don’t buy into the #NoEstimates ideas usually agree estimation is difficult to get right. People – especially clients – still want roadmaps and schedules, but when estimation and forecasting is inaccurate such plans are often just guesses.

Strategic capacity planning represents an alternative way to allocate resources and create forecasts and plans. Strategic capacity planning builds on advances made possible by agile working to help managers meet deadlines.

In this highly interactive short workshop participants will get to build in a mock capacity plan. (The workshop can be extended to repeat the exercise with real work).

This short bite workshop is an ideal complement to value and the story.

Agile refresher

Deadlines, estimates, engineering quality, specifications and requirements, business value, retrospectives and more!

This short agile refresher uses an extended version of the XP Game. Working in ultra-short iterations teams revisit agile practices and how they apply to their work. Best of all everyone finishes with a smile on their face.

This short exercise workshop is ideal for new teams agreeing working norms and established teams looking to boost their performance.


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