Agile: advice, coaching, training

Allan Kelly

Starting with agile? Or taking it further?Want a more effective team?

I proivde advice, training and coaching in agile adoption and enhancing extisting agile practices to create more effective teams.

I am passionate about making software teams better, creating work environments people can thrive in and generating greater business benefit.

Do you struggle to meet deadlines?
Do you find software doesn’t get built as rapidly as you think it should?
Do you agonize about prioritisation? Only to find priorities change the next day?
Or maybe you simply want a more productive team?

I help,

  • Software development teams delivery on time, improve quality, enhance efficiency and enjoy themselves more.
  • Product owners, product managers and business analysts work more effectively with software development teams to deliver more business benefit – structure their backlogs, improve their stories, forecast dates, understand customers and more!
  • Managers and executives think afresh about operations and strategy to as to maximise agile and digital. I help structure organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams.

My shortest engagements last hours – a team tech talk. My longest engagement last years – embedded in teams or as part of an ongoing relationship.

Can I help?

Drop me a mail,; book a call and I’ll give you some feedback for free.