What I do

Starting agile adoption? Starting a digital transformation? Or taking it further? – I help companies and teams work more effectively – get in contact to find out more.

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Do you struggle to meet deadlines?
Do you find software doesn’t get built as rapidly as you think it should?
Do you agonize about prioritisation? Only to find priorities change the next day?
Or maybe you simply want a more productive team?

Inspirational agile training and expert Agile coaching to leaders and teams creating digital product – making a success of products, agile and continuing improves.

  • I help software development teams delivery on time, improve quality, enhance efficiency and enjoy themselves more.
  • I help product owners, product managers and business analysts work more effectively with software development teams to deliver more business benefit – structure their backlogs, improve their stories, forecast dates, understand customers and more!
  • I help managers and executives think afresh about operations and strategy to as to maximise agile and digital. I help structure organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their teams.

My experience encompasses small companies, large companies, legacy companies and innovative companies – see my list of past clients and testimonials. I often work with clients on a flexible basis often part-time or ad hoc.

Popular training workshops

Agile software development for teams: 2-day team based Agile software training workshop – highly interactive and exercised based. Teams are literally able to start working Agile the next day.

Strategic Product Owner: For those who want to be more than a Backlog Administrator, a look at the strategic side of product ownership.

Backlogs, Requirements and User Stories: A 1-day look at the essential elements of product ownership.

Test Driven Development: Language specific TDD training courses offered with associates.

My focus all these workshops is helping teams change for the better. My aim is for attendees to put new learning into action the next day.

Find out more today, e-mail contact@allankellyassociates.co.uk or use the contact form.