NoProjects Briefing for managers

A morning briefing for senior managers and executives.

From #NoProjects to Continuous Digital

The rise of Agile, Digital Business, and the Millenial workforce are increasingly bringing the project model of management into question. Managers need to look at new organizational models if they are to compete with digital native start-ups.

In this briefing co-founder of the #NoProjects movement will outline the problems posed by the project model and how the Continuous Digital model offers an Agile alternative for organizations.

The Continuous Digital management model complements DevOps and Continuous Delivery models to enhance agile reactivity and maximize returns through diseconomies of scale.


The morning starts with a look at the problems with projects:

  • How definitions of project differ and the resulting problems
  • The problems with project success criteria in the digital age
  • How goal displacement reduces value
  • The role of diseconomies of scale in knowledge work and how projects increase costs and magnify risk
  • Quality and technical debt problems created by the project model
  • Barriers to effective teams

Next attention turns to how the Continuous Digital model adds value while simultaneously reducing risk:

  • Managing for continuous, not temporary
  • “When will it next deliver value?” over “When will it be done?”
  • Organizing to leverage diseconomies of scale and work effectively in the small
  • Reducing risk through management organization
  • Value creation over proxy success criteria
  • Value-seeking teams, the minimally viable team model and flowing work to teams
  • Governance and active portfolio management to ensure strategic alignment
  • Parallels from other industries

To maximize the use of time this briefing is free of exercises. Where time allows short exercises can be added to reinforce learning points.

The briefing can be customized at no additional costs and additional topics can be added when time allows. For example:

  • Agile contracting
  • Using value and deadlines to plan backward


Allan Kelly BSc, MBA co-founded the #NoProjects movement and has presented widely on the problems with projects and alternatives to the project model. He is the author of multiple books including “Project Myopia”, “Continuous Digital”, “Business Patterns for Software Developers”, “Xanpan: team-centric agile software development” and “Changing Software Development: learning to be Agile.”

His clients span the globe and range from small highly innovative companies to large engineering concerns. He is the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, Time-Value profiles and author of famous “Dear Customer, the truth about IT” article.

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