Presentations before 2010

More important than ever, The Business Analysts’ role in Agile software development

  • IIBA Business Analysis Conference, 2009, London
  • BCS Cambridge & IIBA Cambridge, 2008

The Future of Agile

  • BCS PROMS-G Summer School, March 2010
  • Bright Agile Forum, May 2009
  • ACCU Conference, April 2009
  • BCS Bristol Spring School, March 2009

9 Principles for Successfull Software Management

  • Keynote, ACCU Conference, April 2009

Designing the Agile Company

  • XP Day London, December 2008

Reflections of an Agile Advocate

  • BCS SPA Special Interest Group, November 2008

Hitch Hikers Guide to Management

  • Oredev, November 2008, Malmo Sweden

Why and How to Become Agile

  • BCS PRIMS-G Special Interest Group, September 2008, London

Managers: What are they good for?

The Developer, The Customer and The Requirements

  • ACCU Conference, April 2008, Oxford, with Liz Sedley

Closing the Knowing Doing Gap

  • SPA 2008, April 2008, Bedfordshire, with Lise Hvatum

Exposing Problems / Creating Awareness

Changing your Organization

Software Development as Learning

Beyond Methodology

  • ACCU Conference, Apri 2004


  • ACCU Conference, Apri 2002