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User Stories by Example self-paced tutorial

A module self-paced tutorial based on the best selling books “A Little Book of Requirements and User Stories”.

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Part 1: Starrting with Stories

What are user stories? Are stories the same as user stoires? What makes a good story?

Using real life examples Allan Kelly introduces User Stories. Includes electronic and audio versions of “Little Book of Requirements and User Stories” (combined price normally over $10/€11/£10).

Part 2: Acceptance Criteria

Continuing directly from part 1 Allan Kelly introduces acceptance criteria and illustrates their use with more real world examples.

Includes an introduction to specification by example and behaviour driven development (BDD), plus discussion of using acceptance criteria to deal with non-functional requirements.

Part 3: Refactoring User Stories

It takes as its starting point some existing stories and reworks them to convey their message more clearly. In the process I discuss:

  • The use of time-boxed spikes in development for learning, research and investigation
  • The naming of team members in user stories, e.g. “As a developer I want …” – and why this isn’t a good idea
  • Rewriting user stories and breaking them down into more smaller stories
  • Why more smaller stories is favourable to fewer larger stories
  • How acceptance criteria can be used to split stories into smaller pieces
  • and a brief look at dealing with dependencies

In all its over an hour of videos with me speaking plus exercises and quizzes.

Future tutorials

Future online tutorials will look spliitting stories, and the story life cycle. Checkout the tutorials page for these and other tutorials.