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User Stories by Example online self-paced tutorial

What makes a good story? Who writes stories?

How do I split stories? What are refinement meetings?

What is the difference between an Epic, a Story and a Task?

Find the answers to these questions and much much more in this self-paced online tutorial series based on the best selling book “A Little Book of Requirements and User Stories”.

Five tutorials available sepertately or together as one discounted package. Each tutorial contains over an hour of video tutorial plus exercises, quizes and downloads. Part 1 includes eBook version of “A Little Book of Requirements and User Stories” while part 2 includes the audio version of little book.

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Part 1: Starrting with Stories

What are user stories? Are stories the same as user stoires? What makes a good story?

Part 2: Acceptance Criteria

Introduces acceptance criteria and illustrates their use with more real world examples; includes an introduction to specification by example and behaviour driven development (BDD), plus discussion of using acceptance criteria to deal with non-functional requirements.

Part 3: Refactoring User Stories

Starting with existing stories this tutorial shows how to improve stories and start splitting them intor smaller pieces.

Part 4: Splitting User Stories

Worked examples of 10 technniques for splitting stories.

Part 5: Story workflow and lifecycle

A look at the life of a story, where the come from, how they reach code and what happens after deployment, Story writing workshops, dual track development, refinement meetings, power of 3 sessions, definition of done and definition of ready, and finally backlog management strategies.

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