Interactive Agile Training online

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Several half day workshops are available for private delivery to client teams. Public deliveries of User Stories Masterclass and Agile Estimation are run in association with Edinburgh Agile.

User Stories Masterclass

Maximising Value Delivery with Agile

Agile Estimating and Forecasting

Xanpan: a series of half day modules currently under development, please ask for details

In addition, on online version of the popular Agile Software Development for Team is available which runs as four half day sessions.

User Stories Masterclass

Learn what makes a good User Story in this half-day workshop for product owners and scrum masters. Based on Allan Kelly best selling book “A Little Book about Requirements and User Stories”.

This workshop is built around real-world user stories from real teams. Attendees are taken through the basics of User Stories and then asked to review these real-world examples. In this way attendees learn what is good in a User Story, what is weak, and more!

Public courses are run regularly by Edinburgh Agile and include a certifcate (subject to passing an exam.)

Download a full synopsis of User Story Masterclass (PDF). This workshop is also available as 4×90 minute sessions (for private delivery only). If you are interested in either version of this masterclass please contact Allan Kelly or Edinburgh Agile.

Maximising value deliver with agile

Scrum and Agile development are fond of proclamations mandating business value maximisation but, maximising by value is easier said than done. Every Product Owner knows they should prioritise-by-value – how many do?

  • Learn how to put value on user stories and epics with incomplete data
  • Learn how to prioritise and schedule stories based on value
  • Understand how cost-of-delay changes value over time and how to model the change with time-value profiles

A half-day (3½ hours) online workshop for Product Owners (including Product Managers and Business Analysts), Scrum Masters, and others involved in the “what should we do next?” decision. Maximising Value, full synopsis (PDF)

Agile Estimation & forecasting

Burn Down Plus Velocity

For many team leaders estimating and forecasting work to be done is essential. Agile software development introduced story points, burn-down charts and other tools to help improve estimation and forecasting.

This half-day on-line workshop prepares product owners, delivery managers and others to undertake agile estimation and forecasting. Full synopsis: Agile estimating & forecasting (PDF).

Online Agile with Xanpan

A flexible series of online modules for teams of diverse experience based on Allan Kelly’s “Xanpan: Team Centric Agile Software Development” book (included free for attendees).

This series of workshops can provide an introduction to agile, a kick-off event or a refresher and relaunch for teams. Seven modules covering: Working in iterations, Planning and estimating, quality and technical practices, requirements and user stories, teams and organization, flow and a final action planning module to put the learning into action.

See Online Agile with Xanpan for more details and how to obtain your free copy of Xanpan or audio book.

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