History of Continuous Digital and #NoProjects

Continuous Digital is an management model for organizing digital work. The model evolved out of the #NoProjects critique as an agile alternative to the project model.

In addition to myself Steve Smith, Joshua Arnold and Evan Leybourn have contributed to the thinking behind #NoProjects and Continuous Digital. Each of us, largely independently, arrived at the conclusion that the project model, and project thinking, is not good for software development.

There are now three books which discuss Continuous Digital and #NoProjects

Continuous Digital: an agile alternative to projects

Project Myopia: why projects damage software

Reviews of Project Myopia can be found on Amazon UK, USA, Germany and Canada, as well as Scrum Expert and Peter Hilton’s blog.

#noprojects: A Culture of Continuous Value – Evan Laybourn & Shane Hastie

Presentations & videos

The same ideas have been discussed in other formats over the years

#NoProjects download – PDF of Tempere keynote, October 2015.

#NoProjects Teams Over Projects download from Agile on the Beach and video recording on YouTube

Planning for Value: How Much? When? – an evolutionary step

Video: #NoProjects on YouTube: 16 short videos giving the #NoProjects presentation

Video: Evolving #NoProjects – Planning for Value, Allan Kelly at Lean Kanban France, Paris, November 2016


InfoQ: No Projects – Beyond Projects (December 2014)

By Evan Leybourn:InfoQ: If You Need to Start a Project, You’ve Already Failed (November 2015) and Focus on Value, Not Projects (December 2015).


Value over Projects with SpamCast with Tom Cagley (2017)
#NoProjects with Tom Cagley SPAMCast

The #NoProjects website

#NoProjects Hashtag

Since “no” is so negative I did try to change the hashtag name of this topic to #BeyondProjects, while this tag sometimes gets used the #NoProjects tag has stuck so, despite any negative overtones, it is what we have.