Development Health check

A development health check service is offered by Software Strategy for companies wishing to assess the state of their current development activity and better understand their options for change. This report services as a good starting point for an Agile adoption programme.

The results of the health check are delivered as a report capturing:

  • Management objectives for the health check and development team.
  • The state of development with regard to: release cycles, quality, technical practices, project management, team structure, requirements management, quality assurance and testing.
  • How the group under consideration compare to other development groups.
  • Alignment with business strategy and corporate business model. Suggestions for improvement.

Agile Health Check

The Agile Health Check itself normally involves about two days of on-site interviews and exercises with a cross section of the development team. For larger teams it is usual to focus on one sub-team at first and progress to other teams over time. Alternatively the schedule may be extended to allow for more interviews and exercises.

The final report is normally delivered a week after the review has been conducted. This service is offered for a fixed price fee inclusive of expenses (e.g. travel).

While some comments on software architecture are normally included a full review of architecture is beyond the scope of the basic report. A full architecture review can be added in addition if required. In addition Software Strategy can propose an programme for Agile adoption upon request.

Please note that it is difficult to quantitatively compare one team against another team because few teams keep the necessary data required for such an comparison. Similarly it is difficult to compare two different organisations.

Example Schedule

Day 1

  • Tour of offices and development space.
  • Objective gathering with senior managers and/or review sponsor.
  • Interview with development manager.
  • Process and role mapping exercise with cross section of development team followed by discussion and questions.

Day 2

  • Interview with Test Manager.
  • Interview with Product Manager(s), Business Analyst(s) or others responsible for requirements.
  • Interviews with individual developers, team leaders and architects.
  • Wrap up and discussion of provisional findings with managers and/or sponsor.