Retrospective Cards

Team retrospective cards are a fun way to hold a retrospective without a facilitator – the whole team takes turns. Your Scrum Master can sit and observe or join in the fun.

25 cards in an easily transportable box. 10 cards to direct the retrospective and 15 quotes to inspire and humour.

Team Retrospective cards
Team Retrospective cards

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English language cards are available:

French language cards from on sale at Supertilt (or eBay) – and a video introduction to retrospective cards in French on YouTube.

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How to use the cards

Seat the team around a table: have pens and paper to hand

  • Shuffle the cards
  • Deal the cards – like any other card game
  • The person with card #1 (prime directive) started by reading the card and facilitating a discussion.
  • When you have finished talking about the card advance to the next card.
  • The person holding the next card reads the card to the group, facilitates a discussion and notes anything they think important.
  • And repeat.
  • Anyone can take notes at any time.
  • The final cards ask you to narrow your discussion down to an action list.
  • The pack also contains quote cards which are designed to inspire and humour. Anyone hold a quote card can, at any time, read the card and share the inspiration with the rest of the team.