Free Dialogue Sheet Downloads

All Dialogue Sheet downloads on this page are. If you like the sheets please repay me my adding a link to my website.

Dialogue sheets are normally associated with retrospectives, and indeed there are four sheets are specifically for retrospectives. There are also several sheets to help teams discuss their working practices, to kick-off new teams and discuss customers.

Most of the Free Dialogue Sheet downloads are formatted to ISO-A1 size. They can usually be rescaled to print to US poster size without too much trouble. A few (older) sheets might be in US poster format and need rescaling to ISO-A1. Let me know if you have any problems and I’ll try my best to fix it.

And please, please, please, share your experiences, I’d love to hear how you are using these Dialogue Sheets –

Sprint Retrospective Sheet

The most widely used sheet.

Updated January 2018: The version 5 update of this sheet has removed all software specific language. This means it is better suited for any team running sprints, whether they are developing software or not.

This sheets is used at the end of an iteration/sprint by the whole team to discuss how they are working and how they can improve.

English sprint Retrospective Sheet(Version 5, no longer software specific)
Spanish translation
Finnish translation

“T series” General Retrospective sheets

Several sheets for use at any point in a work effort, or in any working style, i.e. not agile specific.

T1 Retrospective sheets
T1 Retrospective French translation

T2 sheet has been retired and no longer available.

T3 Retrospective sheet – included Fishbone analysis
T4 Follow up Retrospective sheet – used for second or later retrospective; continue by asking for actions from the previous retrospective. (Almost now software language.)

The T-series of sheets was designed with software development teams in mind. Therefore some of the language used on the sheets is specific to software development. If you don’t mind this then there is no reason other teams can’t use the sheets.

Similarly, while the sheets contain some references to Agile software development these should not stop more traditional teams from using the sheets effectively.

Agile Thinking

A sheet designed to promote discussion about Agile working and help a team agree some practices to get started with.
Often used to finish an Agile training course and ensure the team put learning into action.

English version
Spanish translation
French translation

Customer thinking

A sheet to help teams – including product managers and owners – think about their customers and what the customers want.


For teams new to Agile working, helps ensure they have all the pieces in place.

Iteration planning

A sheet to help teams through planning meetings. This is often given to new teams, and teams new to Agile, to help them through the first few planning meetings.
This is sometimes called the Xanpan planning sheet because it was designed to match the chapter on planning meetings in the Xanpan book.

French translation

Other sheets

These sheets have been created by Schalk W. Cronjé.

Retired sheets

The T2 Retrospective and Team Start sheets have been retired and are no longer updated.

Notes on printing

If your organzation does not have a suitable printer – usually a plotter – then your local printers (e.g. Kall-Kwik) can usually help. Printing sheets costs money but isn’t expensive.

A few people have printed these sheets on smaller paper. Printing these sheets at A4 size is possible but the experience of using the sheet is very different. Taping eight, yes 8, A4 sheets together is very time consuming – I’m told it takes an hour, and far from satisfactory. Taping four A4 sheets together is sometimes possible but again not recommended.