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Continuous Digital training workshop

Continuous Digital is the Agile alternative to projects inspired by #NoProjects. Participants in this workshop will learn to rethink the way digital work is managed.

Who should attend?

  • Digital development managers: Software development managers, Delivery managers, Portfolio controllers

  • Team Leaders: Senior Developers, Architects, Product Managers/Owners

  • Developers who aspire to leadership roles

What will I learn?

  • The Continuous Digital model
  • How to increase value delivered by changing work processes
  • How the project model hinders continuous delivery and reduces value
  • Knowing when to increase resources and when to terminate work using agile portfolio management
  • How to use Minimally Viable Teams to create Minimally Viable Products
  • The Ameoba management model for teams and portfolios
  • Scheduling and forecasting in a project free environment

Workshop style

This workshop is highly interactive. Set piece exercises are interspersed with discussion, Q&A and some slide ware.

Private on-site and public courses available

This course is available today for private on-site delivery at your company. Please get in touch for…

We are currently in the process of scheduling public courses for later this year. For the latest updates – and to suggest your preferred dates – please get in touch…


All attendees receive:

  • Printed and electronic copies of the slides
  • Copies of Allan Kelly’s books Project Myopia and Continuous Digital.

Creator and facilitator

This workshop has been created and is facilitated by Allan Kelly, BSc, MBA, a leading consultant in Agile adoption and management, and author of the Continuous Digital and Project Myopia books.

Contact us

For more details get in touch, e-mail or use the contact form.

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