Agile adoption magic

BusTech: Agile Training & Advice

I bring digital business and technology – BusTech – together using Agile approaches on both sides. I provide inspirational Agile training and advice to leaders and teams creating digital product and services. Whether starting adopting Agile adoption or taking it further I help companies and teams work more effectively.

Do you:

  • Struggle to meet deadlines?
  • Find digital/software doesn’t get built as rapidly as you think it should?
  • Agonise about prioritisation? Only to find priorities change the next day?
  • Lack a sense of where the product is going? And when will it be done?
  • Simply want a more productive team?

I can help. Teams I help with Agile software development approaches with benefit from:

  • Renewed ability to meet deadlines
  • Predictable schedules
  • Greater effectiveness and efficiency
  • Increased value delivery leading to higher return on investment
  • Improved quality software, less technical debt and fewer disruptive defects

“Allan has been a key part of the success we have enjoyed as our business has pivoted in it’s software engineering and delivery approach. I would recommend Allan as trainer, consultant, coach to organizations looking to adopt Agile and continuous delivery to help build great software.” Jonathan White, CTO, IDBS.

Certified Agile training

What you won’t find here is certified Agile training. With the exception of a few Kanban courses I offer with partners none of my Agile training courses are certified. My Agile training will inspire your staff and give them the tools to make a change.

I may not be a certified Agile trainer but my qualifications speak for themselves: read my books, my journal articles, my presentations, my blog and judge for yourself. Should I mention I have an MBA? Or spent 20 years programming? Better still, read my client reviews and I’ll put you in touch with past clients so you can certify me for yourself.


Please call

Please get in touch today to discuss what an agile adoption programme would look like for your team – call on +44 20 3286 4292.