Continuous Digital and Project Myopia books

Continuous Digital

In the digital world, the business is technology, and technology is the business. Continuous Digital is a new management model for digital business. Agile software development was the first wave of process change for digital business. Now it is time to update management models and thinking, Continuous Digital takes Agile to the next level.

Continuous Digital evolved out of the #NoProjects movement. Today these two schools of thinking are captured in two books: Project Myopia outlining the digital challenges to the project model and Continuous Digital outlining a new agile model for digital work. Both books are available on Amazon.

The history and archives of Continuous Digital & #NoProjects.

Workshops & briefings

Several workshops and briefings are available for different audiences. I am happy to provide customised workshops for specific audiences.

Continuous Digital

A 1-day workshop introduction with exercises to the ideas and practices of Continuous Digital. For development managers, project managers, business analysis and senior technical team members, e.g. architects and senior developers.

Continuous Digital Management briefing

A 3-hour introduction with ideas and practices of Continuous Digital with limited exercises. This briefing is intended for time-short senior managers who want to understand the latest thinking in digital and agile.

No-Estimates / No-Projects

The latest thinking on managing and working Agile from Vasco Duarte and Allan Kelly – the originators of #NoEstimates and #NoProjects.

This accelerated 1-day workshop offer in conjunction with Oikosofy of Estonia gives team members – project managers, developers, testers and analysts – a foundation to work and forecast without projects or estimates.

Conferences and internal talks

Continuous Digital, #NoProjects and #NoEstimates are popular conference talks and have been delivered as keynote talks on several occasions or at internal company events and conferences. Such talks are normally 45 minutes plus time for question and answers.

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