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Patterns – Between 2003 and 2015 I was an active member of the Hillside Patterns community, in particular the EuroPLoP and VikingPLoP conferences.

Business patterns – much of my work at EuroPLoP and VikingPLoP concerned business patterns. This culminated in the book Business Patterns for Software Developer. The raw (post-conference, pre-book) pattern papers are available here.

ACCU Overload – For over 10 years I wrote regularly for the ACCU Overload magazine, and occasionally CVu.

Agile Connection

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Other publications

ATOS: The Future is Small – guest blog post, March 2018

TechBeacon: The MVP is broken: It’s time to restore the minimum viable product, Autumn 2017

BA Times: The BA/Tester Switch, November 2017

Agile Record: Agile – Where’s the evidence? – PDF publication ceased, Agile Record, Issue 11, August 2012

Modern Analyst: Objective Agility – what does it take to be an Agile company? – August 2010