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Latest articles

The Future of Agile Is Digital – Agile Connection, April 2018

The MVP is broken: It’s time to restore the minimum viable product – TechBeacon, January 2018.

Overcoming fear of coding – Agile Connection, October 2017.

Build One before Building Many – Agile Connection, July 2017

Deadlines are Elastic by ValueMethods and Tools, Summer 2017, except from Continuous Digital

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Previous writing

See also the Books page and pages for my latest book Continuous Digital and my favourite book Xanpan: Kanban XP hybrid.

Articles about Agile in various publications

Software architecture and design – mostly from ACCU Overload, mainly C++ and getting a little old now


Miscellaneous writing which doesn’t really fit into any other categories, my Masters dissertation, letters in the press, etc.