Month: September 2015

Little Book of User Stories anyone?

If you follow me on Twitter you will probably have noticed I’ve been writing a series of pieces for The Agile Connection on User Stories. This series began by accident, until recently I didn’t know I knew so much about user stories! Actually, although the series is based around user stories it is probably better …

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New website – feedback please?

For reasons which don’t always make sense to me I run three websites. The most active is this blog – which is hosted on Blogger, I suppose I could, should, move it but I’ve yet to find a compelling reason. The second is which is classic static site created with RapidWeaver – a great …

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Question for self-organizing teams

Try this thought experiment. You are a software development manager. You learn about agile and you think it is good. You adopt agile and you make all your teams into self-organizing teams. (Leave aside the question of whether you then quit in a fit of “no managers needed” – we can talk about that later.) …

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