Month: November 2013

Agile is like sex

I’ll get back to software development economics, there are more posts in the works, but right now I need to say something…. I have blogged before on the subject of “What is Agile” – I’ve even expanded on that blog in an unfinished piece of writing called “What is Agile? Perspectives on Agile” – but …

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Blog revisions: economics

Although I don’t think I’ve ever stated it I operate a “no revisions” policy to this blog. I don’t take things down, and I rarely modify past entries. OK, I might change it in the 10 minutes or so after I first post to fix typos and gaffes I see once I see it online …

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Software supply over time

Having outlined the theory of supply and demand in the software market I want to spend this, and the next few posts examining what this analysis can teach us. I’m starting with the supply curve and will look at the demand curve later. First I want to consider what happens to a software system over …

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Sprint, Iteration or Marathon?

A shot blog on terminology… I have always found it hard to differentiate an Iteration from a Sprint, so much so that I commonly say they mean the same think. They are synonymous. I use the two interchangeably. The difference is historical, term “Iteration” originated in XP and “Sprint” in Scrum. To me both mean: …

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