Month: October 2011

Cornish Case Study

In the last few weeks Michael Barritt of Oxford Innovation and myself have presented several versions of “Agile in Cornwall” – a case study of our work introducing Agile to companies in Cornwall. All three versions of this Agile case study presentation are now on my website. I recommend the latest two version – Agile …

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Layered burn-down charts

I’d like to conclude this Burn-down chart mini-series (Burn-downs are not just for Sprints and Advice for creating burn-down) by showing a variation on the classical burn-down chart I created with one of my Cornish clients. I’ve recently been advising an SOA project at another client to adopt a similar approach. In fact, I’m finding …

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Advice for creating burn-down – and other capacity measurements

Continuing from my last blog entry (Burn-downs are not just for Sprints) I’d like to offer some advice on the subject, burn-downs, cumulative flow diagrams, velocity, etc.. 1) Don’t track hours. Hours are input and its better to measure outputs. Hours are subjective, see my Humans can’t estimate tasks blog. Worse still we have too …

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