Month: September 2011

Propogation delays

Propagation delays occur when there is a chain reaction, a sequence of reactions which take time to work down the chain. Think of a line of traffic waiting at the red light. The light turns green: the driver of the first car doesn’t move instantaneously, it takes a moment to registers the change, perhaps move …

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Updates for Dialogue Sheets

Two dialogue sheet updates today. Firstly I’ve created a mailing list to make announcements about dialogue sheets and for discussions about the use of dialogue sheets. This list is open to all and is hosted on Google groups (so you need a Google account). Second, I’ve uploaded a new dialogue sheet. Another retrospective sheet this …

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Cover for Business Patterns for Software

My new book, Business Patterns for Software Developers, now has a cover. Here it is: The Business Patterns is available for pre-order, it will be published until early in the new year, I’m guessing February but it could move either way.

Dialogue Sheets in Methods & Tools

The latest issue of Methods and Tool (Fall 2011) contains an article about Retrospective Dialogue Sheets. If you are new to Dialogue Sheets it will make a good introduction, and if you’ve used them already thenI’d love to hear your feedback.

Business Patterns for Software Developers on Amazon for pre-order

Milestones in the writing on Business Patterns for Software Developers are coming think and fast this week. Monday saw me reviewing book covers – the proposals look really good. Like many other patterns books the cover will feature architecturally significant buildings. Unlike most other patterns books these three are also a World Heritage site. Now …

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