Month: October 2010

Red, Green, Kaizen

Back at the beginning of September Kevin Rutherford tweeted: ‘Anyone know the Japanese for “red, green, refactor” ?’ Now as it happens I know a Japanese speaker very well. Red was easy “akai”. Green was a little tricky because the Japanese actually have two words for Green, “aoi” and “midori.” We went with midori. Refactor …

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An Agile Reader – buy it now!

When I deliver training courses I like to give participants something to take away to read, something that is more readable than PowerPoint slides. Sometimes participants get a copy of my book, Changing Software Development, but that is expensive to me and not always appropriate. (These days I tend to tell people CSD (as I …

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Agile Eastern Europe slides online

My conference overdose continues with Agile Eastern Europe in Kiev this week. This was going to be a simple repeat of my Business Analyst in Agile talk which I’ve given a few times before. But somewhere over Germany I started playing with the slides. I pulled in a bit of “Objective Agility”, took a bit …

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