Month: February 2010

Segmenting Architects

Continuing my examination of the architect role I think we need to point out there is not one architect role my several. There is no such thing as an “Architect”, only an “Architect of something.” Rather than talk about an “Architect” with one word we really should use two words. The first word describes what …

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Architects who aren’t

Having cleared up some preliminaries, i.e. What is architecture?, we are getting closer to the big question: what do architects do? But I’ll continuing to take this piecemeal. In this blog entry I’d like to dismiss too groups of people who carry the Architect title but are not Architects. The first group are “Architects by …

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Architecture or Design?

I mentioned the A word in my last post (Are there any System Analysts out there?). As regular readers might have noticed, I have over the years of this blog taken the odd pot-shot at Architects. But I’ve avoided direct comment on architect and architecture. Somehow it feels the time has come to address this …

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