Month: July 2009

A true story about CMM

About a decade ago I worked for a major supplier of financial information in London. The company decided it wanted to improve its software development process and the answer to this problem was to adopt CMM – the Capability Maturity Model. Initially the become level 2 and then move on the level 3. The little …

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The role of the Agile Coach

I was at EuroPLoP most of last week – a great conference! And I was busy preparing for the conference for the days before that – because I was Programme Chair. So, not much time for blogging. But I did manage to get a piece in the latest Agile Journal on the Role of the …

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Agile @ DevelopMentor

I’m pleased to announce that I have entered into a partnership with DevelopMentor. For those who don’t know DevelopMentor they are one of the leading IT training companies in the USA and Europe. DevelopMentor are traditionally a tech-heavy company. Traditionally they offered hard corse courses in C++, C#, Java and so on. They have not …

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