Month: June 2009

Agile Governance model

The online Technology Management journal has published an article by me entitled “A new governance model for agile work.” In the article I argue that Agile based software development needs a new governance model. The old model, based on defined requirements is not applicable – simply because the requirements evolve when working in an Agile …

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Hawthorne effect disproved

Interesting piece in last weeks Economist which suggests the Hawthone effect doesn’t stand up to analysis. (For good measure the Financial Times covered the same story over the weekend.) For those who don’t know, the Hawthorne effect is named after the Chicago telephone factory were it was originally observed. The researchers suggested that the act …

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Death and the Internet

Please forgive my slight departure from my usual posts on software development, Agile, patterns and so on. But I’ve had cause in the last month to think hard about what the internet means to us all. I’m probably one of the last generation of Europeans to remember life without the internet. My first contact with …

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