Month: May 2009

A commenting policy

One of the things I really like about this blog is the comments. Firstly I get comments, secondly they are usually complementary and often provide additional information and understanding. I moderate the comments but on the whole I publish everything I get. Once or twice I’ve published comments I find personally hurtful or miss the …

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The BCS Kingston & Croydon session

In March this year Kevin Rutherford and myself ran an interactive session for Kingston & Croydon BCS at Kingston University. Immo Hueneke who organised the evening has now done a write up of the evening with photographs.

What architects do

I stumbled across a programme called English Heritage on BBC 2 last night (Friday 15 May). Enjoyable for three reasons: first it was an insight into the work of English Heritage, second it was about renovation of Kings Cross station but while both of these were interesting the what I found fascinating was; third – …

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On the whole I don’t use this blog to push myself – maybe I should. As I finished that last blog entry it dawned on me: Why not? Maybe I could help your company? Broadly my activities fall under the heading: Agile Coach, Interim Manager, Consultant and Training. Here are some examples of how I …

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What does an Agile coach do?

I often describe myself as an Agile Coach. In fact coaching teams in Agile development is only part of what I do but its the only bit that fits in two words. For some people the title Agile Coach is self-descriptive but for others it leaves the questioner none the wise. With, Clark Ching’s recent …

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The F progamming Language

My suggestion that C++ should split in two prompted an e-mail from Robin Williams. It seems there have been similar thoughts in the Fortran community about extensions to that language. The result is the F programming language. Its not clear whether F is an active language or whether it is a moribund experiment. As Robin …

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