Month: October 2008

Requirements, Agile and Scrum

Ryan Shriver – aka The Agile Engineer – has some interesting comments on the requirements in Scrum projects – and Agile more generally. I tend agree with Ryan’s comments for a couple of reasons. Firstly I don’t think Scrum (or other Agile methods) really understand them. Secondly there is a lot more to requirements than …

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Learning and Distributed teams

Andrés Taylor has some nice things to say about my book on his blog this week. Most of his blog is expressing concern about distributed teams and the discussion that follows is quite interesting too – Keith Briathwaite has continued on his blog. In my view distributed teams are generally a sub-optimal way of arranging …

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Learning to be Agile

Andrés Taylor comments remind me to confess to something. The title of the book is wrong. The book, as published by Wiley is entitled: Changing Software Development: Learning to become Agile. The title I thought agreed to was: Changing Software Development: Learning to be Agile. I’m not upset with Wiley or my editor, I only …

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Reflections of an Agile Advocate

I am speaking at the BCS SPA London group next month. It only seems like 5-minutes ago I was at the BCS building talking to the BCS PROMS-G group but this is a different group, a different audience and a different topic. Actually, its getting hard to find big new things to say about “Agile” …

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Are you really doing Scrum?

I’ve spent some time recently looking more closely at Scrum. One of the things that has come across is that Scrum is quite tightly defined. In particular it is tightly defined around its basic rules and the concept of a self-organizing team. And there are those who would argue that if you move away from …

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Interesting piece on Kanban

I’ve written about Kanban Agile before, and got some useful comments so I was glad to come across this piece, Scrum-ban by Corey Ladas and Bernie Thompson. Worth reading to better understand what is going on in Kanban teams.