Month: December 2006

Book review: Strategy Bites Back

I’ve already mentioned this book in a blog entry a couple of weeks ago in this blog so it should come as no surprise that I’m recommending Strategy Bites Back. If you have an interest in business strategy then this is an interesting book to read.  And if you know nothing about business strategy but think you …

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Rational decisions?

I’m currently reading Strategy Bites Back and I’ll write a proper review in time.  Before then I read something on Friday that really made me think.  The book is organized a series of essays, summaries and reprints – the “bites” of the title.  The bite I read on Friday was by Spyros Makridakis who is a …

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Incremental solutions

Mary Poppendieck recently pointed out this piece on one of the mailing lists I subscribe to.  It is a piece in Fast Company magazine online about Toyota’s approach to improvement.  It is well worth reading. Working to improve things in your organization means you have to tread a narrow path.  On the one hand if everything …

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