Month: January 2006

Who are you?

Its all too easy for a company to loose track of just what its customers want. Without customers your nothing. As a Product Manager this should be one of my top (if not the top) concerns. It should be the thing I’m thinking of when I go to work each day – what do my …

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Return to Conway’s Law

Are software architectures copies of the organizations that create them? Often this is true but is it always true? And more importantly is it a good thing? In 1968 Melvin Conway wrote a paper that discussed this topic. It has since been passed down as developer folk law that. “If you have 4 developers writing …

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Ten years since Railtrack

Time fly’s, I still feel young but when I realised this morning that this time 10 years ago I was working on a project for Railtrack I felt a bit older. That project taught me a lot about how not to run a project, it also lead to a lot of thinking over the years. …

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