Month: December 2005

Time is the enemy

Companies often boast about their “flat hierarchy” (and yes that term is something of an oxymoron) but it seems a flat hierarchy is deemed to be a good thing – although the reasons why this is so seldom seemed be spelt out. I think they are supposed to be good because they speed up decision-making …

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India running out of IT staff?

I’ve not said much about “offshoring” in this blog to date. In part that has been because while I broadly agree with the theory behind it most of my experience with it (e.g. call centres in India) has been very negative. The other reason has been a deliberate decision to avoid a controversial subject. Controversial …

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Learning to be a product manager

I’m back in the USA for a few days attending some seminars on product management. They very good and highly recommended – check out the website links, and As I have said before his blog I have been trying to get to grips with product management and what is it product managers do …

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