Month: May 2005

Are all companies dysfunctional?

I’m from software development, when I was an undergraduate I used to love the fantasies my lecturers used to tell me about Formal Methods. If only everyone could specify their program formally then everything would be good. I loved these stories. And then I tried it. They didn’t work like I was told they would, …

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Specification documents are boring

Have you ever read a specification document? I did today and I was reminded why I don’t like them. They are boring. Even when they are telling you something you didn’t know they are boring. They are boring because they follow the “form follows function” mantra. The function of a specification document is to communicate …

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Flexibility, design and process

Software is, in theory, infinitely flexible. I can take the software from my toaster and, with enough modification, get it to run a nuclear power station. OK, I’d have to be pretty odd to want to do this, and one could argue whether it is the same software (does it pass the Mary Rose test?*) …

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