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  1. Hi Allan,

    the part about scrumban level 2 mentions this:

    “This might be a point that’s been lost on the Scrum community: it’s never necessary to estimate the particular sizes of things in the backlog. It’s only necessary to estimate the average size of things in the backlog. Most of the effort spent estimating in Scrum is waste.”

    This seems to elaborate on one of the agile tools that I love: burn down charts. Conventional software development processes try to estimate how big story is, how long it take you to complete work and how much time your team uses up outside of your project. Agile techniques allow you instead to start the iteration, measure these things and then work on improving them, you can simply start the iterations.

    Up until now the burndown chart has been the mechanism to measure. However, in cycle time and leadtime, it looks like they may have found the primary effects to measure.

    I’ve long felt there was system under burndown charts to be discovered, perhaps this is it?

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