Art: a Kelly treat

Time for a short indulgence of mine: Art.

I’m feel so luck, or so spoilt this year. I was at the Serpentine galley again yesterday for an exhibition of recent works by Ellsworth Kelly. Wonderful!

I can spend a long time with one of Kelly’s pieces, for example, like Blue Curve, at first site they look simple but there is a complexity in the simplicity. And the more I look at them the more I think, I find them so energizing.

(And before you ask, no he isn’t a relation – there are lots of Kelly’s in the world. Still, he is my favourite artist.)

This come just a few weeks after I was in Cornwall for his exhibition at Tate St Ives – closing today unfortunately.

I love both these galleries because they are small, even though the Tate St Ives is only had about six of Kelly’s big abstracts and a couple of dozen of his drawing I still travelled to far end of the country for it.

I was a great fan of Tate Modern when it opened, the sheer size was impressive and the contents second to none. But after a few years the size can sometimes be draining and a little intimidating – so I won’t be supporting the plan to extend the museum.

Still, if you have a chance get to see the Albers and Moholy-Nagy exhibition at Tate Modern do so, you’ve got a few more weeks – its another excellent show.

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