Allan Kelly speaking

Why Allan?

Whether you are looking for a couple of days of Agile training to kick start your team or for ongoing advice over months and years here are some reasons why you might want to work with me.

Inspiring… I know this sounds egotistical but then I look at the feedback forms I get from courses and the work “Inspiring” comes up again and again.

Experience… I have vast experience of both software development and helping others improve their software development with Agile approaches.

I sold my first piece of software at age 16, I spent 10 years at the code face and then moved into team leading, product management and more general management. Somewhere along the line I started working Agile but the word Agile hadn’t yet been adopted.

About 10 years ago my focus shifted to helping teams get better. I delivered my first agile training course in 2008. Which means I have lots of experience helping people understand the agile way of working and the courses I give are tried, tested and debugged.

From all that experience comes knowledge. Add in a computer science degree, an MBA, ferocious reading, a stint in Silicon Valley and it adds up.

Holistic… Software development has always been done to meet some greater need. In our digital age this has never been truer, modern business lives and dies by its software.

Most Agile trainers and consultants/coaches specialise in one dimension of agile. I take a holistic view, breath is good.

Agile processes are but a starting point. Straightening out a process and making it vaguely agile is a great start but it is not enough by itself…

… Teams are important and self-organizing teams are great, but even with the best team in the world things can go astray.

… Technology and code are important too, without improving the quality of software code most Agile initiatives will come unstuck once the bugs appear.

… Building the right thing is essential, but knowing what the right thing to build is, is very difficult. Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Analysts all have a role to play – and that means they need to change how the interact with the builders.

… And do not forget the organization, the structure, the culture and not least the strategy. Working Agile, with great teams, quality code and engaged product owners may sound great but if the organization doesn’t update strategy to leverage such capabilities then they will fail to see the true benefits.


Increasingly I find my clients are digital businesses. Once upon a time most of my clients produced software to sell. Increasingly every business is digital, every business resembles a software business and every business needs to think about developing software for digital business.

While I’ve worked with some big companies and some household names – Virgin Atlantic, Siemens, Goldman Sachs, Lloyds Bank,, and the AA. – most of my clients are a lot smaller, a lot less well known and far more innovative.

My client list covers a wide range of sectors: finance, travel, healthcare and media, plus hard core technology – ARM, Qualcomm, Ericsson and Linx – and engineering companies – Siemens, Meggitt and Fugro.

Why Agile?

Don’t worry about the label. Always ask: “what do you mean when you say Agile?”

Its about being better, better than you are. Achieving more.

It just so happens that agile is the umbrella under which most of the better development practices, processes and ideas cluster.

Feel free to get in contact, I don’t bite!