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Kanban Systems Design training

Kanban systems design is an exercise based 2-day foundation level training workshop detailing how to build and run Kanban. Attendees learn to initiate the change to Kanban and design a Kanban system.

Taken by whole teams this course serves as a starting point for transition to Kanban software development. Core concepts of flow, pull, work-in-progress limits and continual and collaborative improvement are central to this workshop.

Learn Kanban Systems Design

Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify and address bottlenecks
  • How to work with shifting priorities
  • How to deal with interruptions and multi-tasking
  • How to deal with important but not time-critical work
  • How to avoid having work pile up in one place/time while there is a lack of work in another place
  • How to create flow in the work, the information to perform the work, and the teams that do the work

This course is the first of two steps to the KMP accreditation. The course is certified by Lean Kanban University as a KMP-I level course for those aiming for Kanban Management Professional (KMP).

Enhanced learning with interaction

Core to the Kanban Systems Design class is a simulation to give attendees a hands-on experience of woking with work-in-progress limits, visual management and optimising flow.

Group exercises, games and discussion complement lecture material to cater for different learning styles, maximise learning and motivate change.

Key topics in Kanban Systems Design

  • Controlling Work in Progress (from push to pull)
  • Visualizing work (designing the board/card wall)
  • Measuring and managing flow (control charts, flow diagrams)
  • Making policies explicit (classes of service)
  • Managing change and collaborative improvement

Who should attend Kanban Systems Design?

  • Teams wishing to adopt a Kanban software development process and practices
  • Managers looking to understand Kanban and how it can improve their teams and delivery
  • Senior software developers, testers, analysis, project managers and architects looking to understand Kanban fundamentals and/or planning to introduce a Kanban software development process.

Prerequisites & follow on

As with many of courses from by Allan Kelly Associates a free follow-up consulting day is offered to accompany this course and help individuals and companies put learning into action.

Previous attendance at Kanban Starter day, or experience working in Kanban or Agile software development environment is useful but not essential.

Attendees seeking maximise the benefit from Kanban or seeking Kanban professional certification will wish to attend Kanban Cadences training shortly afterwards.


All attendees will receive a printed classroom workbook plus:

Successful completion of this course also entitles attendees to a listing and membership in the LKU Alumni Directory a Lean Kanban University — the internationally recognized certifying body for Kanban professionals.

Free follow up day

A free follow up day with one of the workshop leaders is available to accompany this course. The day may be used to discuss implementation, address specific questions or in a number of other ways.

Workshop leaders

This workshop is lead by Allan Kelly and Dr Andy Carmichael, an Accredited Kanban Trainer, and co-author of Essential Kanban Condensed. Together Allan and Andy bring decades of experience in software development, Kanban methods and Agile software development in general.

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