Agile iteration routine

Agile training workshops

I provide inspirational Agile training (list below) to leaders and teams creating digital product and services. Whether starting adopting Agile adoption or taking it further I help companies and teams work more effectively.

The focus of all these workshops is helping teams change for the better. My aim is for attendees to put new learning into action the next day.

In addition to the established workshops below new workshops are available on Continuous Digital (including #NoProjects and #NoEstimates).

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Introduction to Agile software training

2-day team based Agile software training workshop – highly interactive and exercised based. Teams are literally able to start working Agile the next day.

Agile Product Owner training

Strategic Product Owner: For those who want to be more than a Backlog Administrator, a look at the strategic side of product ownership

Backlogs, Requirements and User Stories: A 1-day look at the essential elements of product ownership.

Agile for managers

NoProjects briefing for managers

Continuous Digital: the Agile alternative to projects

Agile Leadership & Management Programme:6 half day workshops over 12 weeks to help the next generation of leaders.


Certified Kanban training offered with one of my associates.

Test Driven Development

Language specific TDD training courses offered with associates.

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