Planning for Value

Agile Value Planning

The Agile Value Planning workshop puts delivering business benefit centre stage.

To be truly successful with Agile requires new thinking on business benefit and value. Agile is not just about producing more quicker, it is about creating more benefit for the business.

Rather than work being driven by “how long will it take” work should be driven by “how much value will be delivered?” and “when is it needed by?”

Teams, product owners, managers and business analysts, need to be value-seeking. The Agile Value Planning workshop equips participants to think anew about value and business benefit.

1-day workshop

Key topics in Agile Value Planning

  • Using best before and use by dates for feature prioritisation
  • Prioritising by business benefit and cost-of-delay to maximise return
  • Assigning business value to potential work – Projects, User Stories, Product Backlog Items, Use Case and other work items.
  • Creating and using Time-Value profiles
  • Planning for value by inverting the traditional planning process

Who should attend?

  • Customers commissioning a digital system from an agile supplier.
  • Product Managers, Business Analysts and Product Owners.
  • Project Managers, Architects and senior staff responsible for delivering customer or market facing products.
  • Software engineers and testers looking for the next advance for their team.


Familiarity and experience with Agile style working or methods.

Workshop leader

Allan Kelly BSc, MBA, inspires digital teams to effectively deliver better products through Agile technologies. He believes that improving development requires a broad view of interconnected activities. Most of his work is with innovative teams and smaller companies – including scale-ups; he specialises in product development and engineering.

He is the originator of Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, Value Poker and Time-Value Profiles. Allan is the author of the perennial essay: “Dear Customer, the truth about IT” and several books including: “Xanpan – team centric Agile Software Development“, “Little Book for Requirements and User Stories“, “Business Patterns for Software Developers” and the forthcoming “Continuous Digital.”

Find out more…

This course if available for on-site delivery at clients offices.
Public dates and venues to be announced shortly.

To find out more telephone (+44 (0)20 3286 4292), e-mail or use the contact form.