Allan Kelly talks agile

Inspiring Agile workshops

Agile workshops are a great way for a team to get started with Agile or for an existing team to reflect and improve. My Agile workshops highly interactive and more rehearsal than training – I get people doing agile in the classroom. The workshops make a great kick-off for a new team or new piece of work.

“Very inspiring – can’t wait to get started”

“Brilliant Allan – thank you”

“Really good. Not too much powerpoint; kept everyone engaged. Really good practical stuff that we can go away and start doing”

  • I believe people learn best from experience and make all my Agile training workshops very interactive.
  • I believe in training to create change rather than training for the sake of training.
  • I aim to deliver courses which equip attendees to immediately put their learning into action.

Inspiring Agile training courses

All Agile training courses can be customised on request and delivered at your preferred site in private.

Agile software development training for teams

2-day introduction workshop.
Agile training for non-software teams: A similar Agile training course is available and is customised to client needs. Please get in contact to discuss your team’s needs.

**NEW** Strategic Product Owner

For those who want to be more than a Backlog Administrator, a look at the strategic side of product ownership

Backlogs, Requirements and User Stories

A 1-day look at the essential elements of product ownership.

Agile Value Planning

1-day workshop putting business value centre stage.

Leading & Managing Agile:

6 half day workshops over 12 weeks to help the next generation of leaders.

Agile training workshops

Normally delivered privately on-site at your location to just your team. The workshop can explore the concerns of your team and discuss the topics important to your company.

Unlike some training companies, when you book Allan Kelly, you get Allan Kelly, you get my wealth of experience and knowledge. You get someone who has not just written a book on Agile development, you get someone who has written multiple books on Agile methods and related subjects.

Bigger training companies often have a bench of trainers so you don’t know who you will actually get until late in the day. When it comes to training I created these courses I’m teaching material I know well and I’m more than happy to go off-piste and discuss how these techniques apply to your environment.


I work with several associates to provide several more specialised courses:


Normally training is delivered in private on client site. Some public Agile product owners courses in partnership with Learning Connexions and we always try to meet any special requests.

Being West London based most of my training and consulting in in the UK. I get to Europe regularly and occasionally as far as the USA and Canada – I have even delivered agile software training in Australia for clients a few times.


All quotes are fully inclusive of materials, travel and other expenses. I normally provide a free follow on consulting day with any workshop.

Prices vary depending on location and the number of people attending. For example, London area clients normally receive a discount. Clients requiring more than one class also receive significant discounts on repeats.

Talk now?

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