Agile software training with Allan Kelly

Agile Masterclass

From good agile to great agile

  • 2-day interactive workshop
  • Free pre-delivery fact finding exercise
  • Free follow-up consulting day when booked direct

More and more teams are doing agile, but what that actually means and how good they are varies massively.

This masterclass is designed for teams who have experience working agile and who even have received previous agile training. The emphasis is on improving the way the team is working using a combination of discussion and exercises to promote reflection.

The agenda is kept flexible to follow the team discussions. The pre-delivery fact-finding exercise allows for particular topics to be scheduled for coverage.

Common topics for discussion are:

  • Team routines for efficiency and predictability
  • Business benefit and value in stories
  • Incorporating Kanban techniques into an existing Scrum/XP process
  • State of technical practices
  • Advancing to continuous delivery

The Masterclass uses the framework of the Agile Foundations course and retains the key exercises however any material can be covered. Indeed the whole Software Strategy course material is available on the day for the instructor and class to draw on.

Attendees will receive appropriate printed slides, a copy of all electronic slides used on the day, copies of “An Agile Reader” (3rd edition) and electronic copy of “Xanpan: Team based agile software development” and dialogue sheets.

This Masterclass is delivered by Allan Kelly, BSc, MBA, author of “Xanpan”, “Business Patterns for Software Developers” and “Changing Software Development”.

For more information and to discuss your requirements please get in contact.