Agile Coaching

Coaching can take on many forms but basically it means: working with individuals and teams to improve. One way of thinking about it is as a personalised training, the coach works with the individual or team over a period of time to help them learn and improve.

Coaching normally takes place in the work environment. This helps individuals to focus on the issues in hand and minimises the time they spend away from work.

Software Strategy usually adopts a light-touch approach to Agile coaching and consulting with ongoing periodic visits. For large companies, and more complex environments, we may use an embedded approach where one of our consultants works with the team several days a week.

Agile Coaching can help you think about your circumstances to find the solutions that work for you. Solutions that go well beyond the books.

Technical Coaching

Technical coaching is provided for engineers, developers and architects. This normally focuses on test driven development, software design and other code-level practices of Agile.

Technical coaching is usually more intensive than process coaching with coaches working one-on-one with team members who write code.