Development health check

Rapid development health check by experts – with actionable findings and credits for against future work.

Have you ever wondered what an outsider would make of your software development team?

Ever wondered how your team compare with the broader industry? And the best in class?

Do you want to know what opportunities for improvement your team have? Where to start improving? Or simply what your options are?

Are you wondering where to start your Agile adoption programme? Would you like a roadmap of what you need to do to “get agile”?

If you can answer Yes to any of these questions then a development health check is for you.

Development health check

The development health check is a review where we talk to you, your teams and your staff, we observe what they are doing – perhaps we even peak below the hood and review your architecture and code.

From that we distil a report which compares your teams to other teams we have and identify opportunities for improvement. We can even sketch a potential roadmap to improvement if you like.

The report back can be a formal written document or a less formal presentation. Either way we remain available to discuss our report and your options.

For small teams we can conduct a development health check and write a report within a week. For larger teams, well, it depends on how large is large and how deep you want to go. I try to keep health checks short. In most cases the health check will only take a few days. More normally we work as a double act with one person looking at your technology and the other at your organization and processes.

More details below, but really the best way is to talk, callĀ  today on +44 (0)20 3286 4292 or email.

Our report considers

  • Management objectives for the development health check and team.
  • The state of development with regard to: release cycles, quality, technical practices, project management, team structure, requirements management, quality assurance and testing.
  • Agile process and practices, if appropriate.
  • How the group under consideration compare to other development groups.
  • Alignment with business strategy and corporate business model. Suggestions for improvement.

Please note that it is difficult to quantitatively compare one team against another team because few teams keep the necessary data required for such comparison. Similarly it is difficult to compare two different organisations. Even when data does exist in a form which is comparable commercial confidentiality usually precludes direct comparison.

Pricing and credits

As you might expect, since one size does not fit all one price does not fit all. However, we are happy to talk about your review options and provide a fixed price for the check-up.

Pricing varies depending on how many consultants are involved in the development health check – two is normal – and how long they spend onsite gathering data. Two days is normal for smaller companies but more time may be required, especially if your organization has multiple sites. Travel and expenses will be included in any price quoted.

Once the report is completed you are free to continue using our services for further training and consulting or you can choose to take the report to any other provider.

Should you decide to continue working with Allan Kelly Associates after the report we will credit back a large part of the report costs as a discount on further work.

Example Schedule for a small company

Day 1
– Tour of offices and development space.
– Health check objective setting with senior managers and/or review sponsor.
– Interview with development manager.
– Process and role mapping exercise with cross section of development team followed by discussion and questions.
– Parallel code, architecture and development environment review

Day 2
– Parallel code review continues.
– Interview with Test Manager.
– Interview with Product Manager(s), Business Analyst(s) or others responsible for requirements.
– Interviews with individual developers, team leaders and architects.
– Wrap up and discussion of provisional findings with managers and/or sponsors.

Call today on +44 (0)20 3286 4292 or send an e-mail and I will call you at a convenient time.

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