Planning for Value

Benefits of Digital & Agile

  • Competing in the digital age.
  • Improved predictability and meeting deadlines.
  • More effective and efficient teams.
  • Greater return on investment.

Digital business demands change but only the agile organization can deliver that change. Digital winners are agile.

Digital and agile demand new ways of looking at the world and operations. Key to leveraging digital is embracing an agile way of working and thinking.

I help teams get better at agile delivery, I help managers and executives to think digital and think agile. That can mean rethinking existing mental-models.

In the near term I work with managers and teams to support agile adoption in the first instance and improve agile working thereafter. I enable change and reduce the learning curve thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness.

In the medium term I work with product managers, product owners and analysts to increase the value delivered and ensure promises are kept. This can involve backlog reviews, story mapping, value estimation, quarter planning and capacity management.

Longer term I help organizations meet goals, unlock greater value and maximise growth. This means placing value centre stage, reframing roadmaps and producing capacity plans.

Along the way I embed change by helping organisations update their structure and processes to support delivery teams and enhance business alignment.

While my focus in on teams and organizations once must not neglect the individual. Individuals make teams and teams build organizations. Individuals have justified concerns and even fears.

Through all my work I aim to smooth workflow, thereby making work more predictable and efficient. That means taking a holistic approach and seeing work-flow above work-silos.

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