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Agile advice, consulting and coaching: Making digital teams more effective: I provide advice on agile working and digital business to leaders and teams creating digital products – usually software. The companies I work with come from many fields as different as healthcare and surveying.

“As a result of working with Allan our processes have improved, we are more efficient, more creative and our projects are increasing in terms of measurable output. He is highly recommended if you want to develop your programming department to achieve more.” Toby Parkins, Director, HeadForwards

I have a track record of helping teams and managers improve delivery – meet deadlines, improve quality – and increase value delivered. Each case is different and some take longer to fix than others. Sometimes a few hours of agile advice can make a real difference, other times I give advice on agile over a period of months.

My experience covers Scrum, XP (Extreme Programming), Lean Software Development (including Kanban) and other approaches. My approach is to choose from each Agile method as appropriate – a philosophy embedded in my own Agile method: Xanpan, a Kanban XP hybrid.

Mostly I give Agile Advice to software development teams, software development managers and executives. In addition I have experience working with non-software teams.

Agile advice sessions

You can hire me for a little as a day! – Although a programme will normally entail multiple sessions spaced out over weeks. Some of these will be one-on-one sessions – typically with managers and executives- and some will be team based sessions. This approach allows individuals and organizations time to think and act on my agile advice and their own learnings.

Free initial agile advice session – on the phone of in person for those in the London area. Drop me a note and I’ll call you.

Agile advice sessions often follow Agile software training, or a Development Health Check. Other times we just start having agile advice sessions and see where we go.

Through my expert associates network I can in specialists with particular skills as needed. For example I commonly involve a technical coach to help and different technology stacks require different coaches. The right coach for a PHP team is probably not a C++ coach!


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