OpenSource: Mimas

Mimas is the conference submission and review system I built for Agile on the Beach. It runs in the Google Cloud, on the Python AppEngine – you can try Mimas here.

Mimas: moon of Saturn

Mimas is OpenSource (MIT License), Mimas is on GitHub.

The Mimas conference submission and review system allows you to:

  • Conference organisers create a conference and accept submissions with various configurable parameters such: conference branding, maximim number of submissions per speaker, maximum number of co-speakers, session duration, delivery formats, topic tracks, expenses, and conference specific questions.
  • Submissions are accepted into tracks, they can have co-speakers, formats and duration are configurable.
  • Login is via OAuth (Facebook and Google at the moment).
  • Reviewers can volunteer and be assigned (random) submissions to review.
  • Reviewers can be assigned per track.
  • Two rounds of reviewing are supported, these are configurable. AOTB uses scoring for round 1 and ranking for round 2.
  • Conference permissions allow for different users to have different capabilities.
  • E-mail acknowledgements, acceptances and declines are handled via SendGrid – you can also define custom messages via templates.
  • Half a dozen or more types of report plus export to Excel capability.
  • Reviewer feedback and comments can be shared with submitters.
  • Conference scheduler which allow submissions to be schedules against time slots. The final schedule can be exported to Excel.
  • Speaker details are retained for future conferences as are talk details. There is an open speakers directory and tagging mechanism (I should either improve this or scrap it.)

The system is written in Python (currently 2.7 but upgrading to 3.x later this year) against the Google’s object hierarchical database. Python, unit tests (290+) and HTML together run to about 11,000 lines of code.

The Mimas system is named after one of the moons of Saturn – the picture above. I tend to pronounce the name M-I-mas, if you want to pronounce it Mee-mas that is fine to.

If you would like to know more about Mimas, either to use for your conference or to contribute please get in touch.