Allan Kelly giving a conference presentation

About Allan

I am Allan Kelly, I inspire digital delivery teams to effectively deliver products through Agile techniques.

  • I help business and technology work as one – #BusTech
  • I help introduce Agile software development
  • I help digital teams reduce risk and delay, improve delivery and increase value delivered
  • I change mindsets Agile Software Training for Teams

Practically my work splits between consulting and delivering training. In between I write books, give conference presentations, write a blog and contribute to online journals.

I’ve been called a Agile Expert, Agile Guru and Thought Leader but clients have a habit of calling me Agile Allan. Once upon a time I was a programmer, while I keep my programming hand in these days I spend most of my time with teams and managers. Looking at processes, products, digital business strategy and generally helping decide what the right thing is.

I hold a BSc degree in Combined Science (major in Computing) from Leicester University and an MBA with Distinction from Nottingham University Business School – I was awarded the Best Overall Student prize in my MBA class.

Being based in West London one would hope most of my clients were close at hand. Some are, some… many people know of my work helping Cornish technology companies “the Cornish software mines.” I get all around the UK, frequently to Europe and long-haul to the USA or Australia from time to time.

I started my career coding (Pascal, C++, C, Java), after a sojourn in Silicon Valley I returned to London and realised I could fix the code problems.  The more significant problems were what we were building and how we were building.  That led me to an MBA, Patterns, Product Management, Agile and writing books.

How I work

Digital and agile demand new ways of looking at the world and operations. Key to leveraging digital is embracing an agile way of working and thinking.

I help teams get better at agile delivery, I help managers and executives to think digital and think agile. That can mean rethinking existing mental-models.

In the near term I work with managers and teams to support agile adoption in the first instance and improve agile working thereafter. I enable change and reduce the learning curve thereby improving efficiency and effectiveness.

In the medium term I work with product managers, product owners and analysts to increase the value delivered and ensure promises are kept. This can involve backlog reviews, story mapping, value estimation, quarter planning and capacity management.


My corporate entity is Software Strategy Ltd. Although most people know me as Allan. I often work with associates hence Allan Kelly Associates.

In over 10 years as a digital and agile consultant I have been lucky enough to work with some great people. Some of these associates I work with again and again, people like Schalk Cronje of Iota Digital, Kevlin Hennery, Jon Jagger, Seb Rose, Giovanni Asproni, Andy Carmichael (for Kanban training) and Jez Higgins. Many of these people I came to know and respect through the ACCU.


O, one more thing… I’m dyslexic. I traditionally I don’t make a thing about. As I understand my dyslexia more and more I see where it makes me the person I am. I don’t consider dyslexia a disability in any way, in fact I tend towards the reverse. Sure it means spelling and grammar are foreign to me but it also means I’m better in other ways.

The Company

Allan Kelly Associates is the trading name of Software Strategy Ltd.

Software Strategy Ltd. is a UK limited company registration number 617705.