Allan Kelly

Allan Kelly for digital agile & business

I inspire digital agile delivery teams to effectively deliver products through Agile techniques.

For modern digital businesses Agile is not an option: it is a question. Who is the most agile, you, or your competitors?

Agile techniques can reduce risk, improve predictability and generate greater value.

Your team and your organization are unique and ultimately your agile implementation should be unique too.

At its heart Agile is about learning, agile teams and companies are learning organizations. And he who learns fastest wins. In the digital age the best companies work agile, digital has to be agile, or digital agile for short.

My books:

Business Patterns for software developersXanpan: team centric agile software developmentLittle Book of Requirements and User Stories
Continuous DigitalChanging Software Development: Learning to be agile

I’m best known for… identifying diseconomies of scale in software development, creating Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, the hybrid Xanpan agile method, organizing the Agile on the Beach conference, value poker, Business Patterns and, coming soon, Continuous Digital.

When I’m not writing books I help companies and teams with Agile Adoption which involves a mix of consulting in digital business, and agile training and coaching. I have a network of trusted associates who I work with flexibly to match clients needs in particular client technologies.

I’ve been called a Agile Expert, Agile Guru and Thought Leader but clients have a habit of calling me Agile Allan. Once upon a time I was a programmer, while I keep my programming hand in these days I spend most of my time with teams and managers. Looking at processes, products, digital business strategy and generally helping decide what the right thing is.

When consulting and coaching I usually operate a light-touch model where I visit clients for a few days a month. This allows me to be responsive to multiple clients. Where a more intensive help is needed I often work with associates.

Typically I work with several clients in the same month through my own company, Software Strategy Ltd. Occasionally I take on hands-on delivery manager or product manager type roles.

I’m based in London (England) and work everywhere – I’m a regular visitor to Europe and have been to the USA and Australia for clients. Although I’m more likely to be on a train within the UK than flying long-haul!

So, how might I help you today?

Email me, use the contact form or better still call +44 (0)20 3286 4292 today.