Allan Kelly

Agile for software, Digital for business

Business and Technology working together: I help software development and other digital delivery teams to effectively deliver products using agile approaches. I provide inspiring Agile training to teams and advice for leaders. I work across technology and business teams, both are part of the solution, something I call #BizTech.

Now booking: Adding Value to User Stories – starts Wednesday 10 June – 4 x 90 minute sessions over 4 weeks

I recently attended Agile Development Product Owner training conducted by Allan Kelly. The training was excellent. There was a good mix of discussion and exercises to reinforce the training. The training was never boring and was very engaging. I would highly recommend Allan should you need training in Agile more
Guy Meiron
13:32 29 Mar 18
I’ve worked with Allan on a number of projects and with various agencies and clients over the years. Allan’s knowledge and passion for all things Agile is infectious. But his training and coaching provides much more than sheer enthusiasm. Allan’s involvement in any initiative provides practical advice and experience, whilst also continually challenging behaviours and assumptions which are often deeply ingrained. My current project is proving to be extremely successful. And when I talk to my team and clients, without exception they say that the defining factor behind this success was Allan’s initial (and ongoing) training that we all attended. Highly more
toby d
09:32 22 Mar 18
Great courses, Allan is an excellent instructor, courses are full of great material which people new to, or experienced with, agile will find interesting. Allan gave both the product owner and developer courses at our company, and they've had an immediate impact with the team, both process-wise, starting to become more efficient with our time, and more
John Forsyth
12:41 29 Mar 18
Allan worked with me to help transform a development team of around 120 developers, testers, PM's and business analysts into multiple cross-functional agile teams. Allan developed and ran a number of workshops introducing agile concepts to the teams utilising hands-on activities that really helped to ensure the concepts stuck. He then worked with each team 1:1 over a few months to advise and mentor individuals as the became confident with the different approach to working.The outcome was fantastic, we had very few challenges with our agile transformation. The teams were excited with the new way of working and the changes led to better software delivery and more excited individuals.Allan was instrumental in helping us achieve these benefits. I would highly recommend anyone to work with Allan if you have any agile more
David Longman
16:36 26 Jan 18
Having just gone through a Product Owner course with Allan, I must say he is one of the best trainer I have had. His ability to take concrete examples happening during the course to teach some of the concepts is excellent and it helps you understand why, and in which context, you would use the different technique presented. I am looking forward to using his sevices again once we have had the experience of a few Agile teams running for a few weeks / months and call him back in for a review of best practice /fine tuning advice.I would recommand to anyone serious about Agile development training to consider Allan more
Romain A.
18:06 24 Jan 18
I took part in one of Allan's training myself years ago and now keep bringing him back to train and inspire my teams. Started with the Netherlands, now Australia... where will I bring you next? 🙂read more
Pawel Michalak
00:39 12 Apr 18
Our team has benefited greatly from Alan's agile training. Not only have we adopted much of his approach to agile, but we have worked effectively for over a year now with largely the same processes in place (despite plenty of opportunity to suggest change at fortnightly retrospectives). Due to smaller/clearer user stories (with better prioritisation), planning meetings are now much quicker and effective. Alan's presentation style is engaging, and the group activities were quite more
David Raffelt
22:37 10 Jul 18

For modern digital businesses Agile is not an option: it is a question. Who is the most agile, you, or your competitors?

Agile techniques can reduce risk, improve predictability and generate greater value.

Your team and your organization are unique and ultimately your agile implementation should be unique too.

Art of Agile Product Ownership
Art of Agile Product Ownership now available from Amazon and all good bookshops.

At its heart Agile is about learning, teams and companies are learning organizations. And he who learns fastest wins.


Continuous DigitalModern business is digital business. Continuous Digital sets out a new model for managing digital work including software development.Why projects damage software
Projects fail. Some say 40% of all IT projects fail, some say 70%. Could it be the project model itself which creates failure?

Little Book of Requirements and User Stories: Heuristics for requirements in an agile world

Xanpan: team centric agile software development Team Centric Agile Software Development – Combining Kanban and XP.Business Patterns for software developers
36 patterns of business strategy and product management for software developing companies.
Changing Software Development: Learning to be agile
How agile enhances organizational learning in software teams.

I’m best known for… identifying diseconomies of scale in software development, creating Retrospective Dialogue Sheets, the hybrid Xanpan method, organizing the Agile on the Beach conference, value poker, Business Patterns and, coming soon, Continuous Digital.

Sometimes I’m called in as a troubleshooter for a troubled team or business. I spend sometime understanding the situation and suggest some remedies. Other times I take a coach/consultant type approach. And sometimes I take a hands-on delivery manager/product manager type role

So, how might I help you today?

I am based in West London, England. I regularly visit clients around the UK and have gone as far as Australia to deliver Agile training and consulting.

Email me, use the contact form. I am always happy to chat and you can pick my brain without obligation and I’m happy to visit London based teams for a free initial consultation.