Conference Submission & Review System

Are you organizing a conference?

Are you issuing a call for papers/speakers?

Do you expect - fear! - hundreds of submissions?

From hundreds of speakers?

And do you have a team of submission reviewers?

Who need to work together to make the final decision?

If so, we can help!

These are exactly the problems the Agile on the Beach conference faced. And it is precisely because of these problems that we created our own submission management system. A system we are now offering to share with the world.

For an introductory period this system is offered completely free to a limited number of conferences. Scroll down to apply.

Introducing Mimas

Mimas in one of Saturn's moons. Mimas is also the name of the conference submission and review system built for Agile on the Beach. Using Mimas you can…

Solicit speaker submissions

Speakers can submit their proposal using a single submission page which captures all vital detains - name, contact details, submission synopsis, etc. Alternatively speakers can register in the system to save having to re-entering their personal details again and again when making multiple submissions.

The submission page also handles the submissions with multiple speakers.

Multiple tracks

Mimas supports multiple tracks so submitters can identify the most appropriate track. Each track can have its own panel of reviewers, or reviewers may work across multiple tracks. Administrators can move sessions between tracks at any stage of the submission or review process.

Multiple voting rounds

Mimas supports multiple voting rounds. In the first round submissions can be reviewed and a shortlist created. In the next round reviewers work from the shortlist. And from there accepting (and declining) is a couple of clicks away.

Multiple voting system

Mimas supports two voting systems: a simple numerical vote on a scale of your choosing and a ranking system where reviewers rank submissions by their preference. Rankings can be sorted by mean or median.

Reviewers can also make free text comments against submissions for their own use or as feedback to speakers.

Decision making

Once voting is finished decision making can begin. All votes, and comments are visible i addition to the total, or average, scores. Only those with permission can make the final decisions in each round.

E-mail notifications and feedback

Of vital importance when creating Mimas was the ability to give submitting speakers feedback on the review process - including votes and public comments. So in addition to usual e-mail notification you would expect Mimas also allows you to send speakers - both those who are accepted and those who are declined - details of how their submission faired in the review process.

Appoint reviewers

Appointing reviewers is as simple as suppling their e-mail address and deciding which tracks and round they have permission to review. Reviewers can be added at any time, at conference creation, before reviews or even during the review process.

Accepting or declining submissions is controlled by a set of permissions so you can limit, or share, the job of final decision making and informing speakers as you like.

Cloud all the way down

Mimas exists entirely in the cloud so it runs from anywhere on any device with a modern web-browser. It is built atop Google's AppEngine which means it has 24x7 reliability and the ability to handle a pretty much unlimited number of submissions.

Other features

  • Set a maximum number of submissions per speaker.
  • Speakers can edit their submissions even after submission.
  • Configurable submissions options to you can set fixed options for session lengths, session formats, expenses allowances, etc.
  • Simple security permissions system allows the conference owner to decide who sees what and what they can do.
  • Administrative functions for logistics staff, e.g. travel summary report.
  • Download all data.
  • Speakers submitting proposals are expected to prove they are human with a Google Captcha.

And more soon…

Mimas is under active development. If you don't see the feature you need please get in contact, it might be in the pipeline now or maybe we can build add it for you for free.

Ask us a question? - or anything else

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